2009 Annual Training Workshop Kicks-Off

Soldiers listen intently to briefings during the 2009 Annual Training Workshop at Nellis AFB, Nevada.

The Army Reserve Careers Division kicked off their 2009 Annual Training Workshop this morning at Nellis Air Force Base, just outside of Las Vegas.   Almost 300 Soldiers are in attendance from all over the United States. The workshop is a training event  for all Master Sgts, Sergeants Majors and Commanders of every region assigned to ARCD.

Col. John R. Ligon, ARCD Commander, initiated the conference with a briefing on the success of the Army Reserve meeting their end-strength this past fiscal year. He applauded his Soldiers on their outstanding performance and leadership which enabled the mission to be accomplished.

This afternoon, Major General Craig B. Whelden (Retired) will give an information briefing about Community Covenant-a project designed to help bring America’s communities closer to the U.S. Army’s Soldiers and their Families. The initiative was developed almost two years ago on directive from the Secretary of the Army. MG Whelden (Retired), who has been a consultant to the U.S. Army on several Soldier and Family programs, was tasked to create and implement the project.

The guest speaker of the event is Major General Ron Sholar, Deputy Commanding General, United States Army Reserve Command. He will also be presenting Welcome Home Warrior Citizen awards to five ARCD Soldiers just returning from year-long deployments.

In addition, the ATW will serve as an awards ceremony recognizing the top region for mission production and individual mission accomplishments in fiscal year 2009.

Check back periodically this week as we post pictures, stories and event coverage.


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