Answering America’s Call to Duty!

Army Reserve Magazine | June 22, 2006 | Prichard, Chuck

US Flag surrounded by a rainbow halo in the sky.

US Flag surrounded by a rare rainbow halo.

Washington, D.C.–Forty Citizen Soldiers from all walks of life reaffirmed their commitment to the Army Reserve April 6, 2006 by participating in a reenlistment ceremony on the steps of the U.S. Capitol. The Soldiers are the first participants in the Army Reserve’s Reenlistment Recognition Program.

LTG James R. Helmly, Chief, Army Reserve, addressed a question some might ask of the participants. “I’m sure there are those who want to know why, in such turbulent, challenging, dangerous times as these, would anyone reenlist into the Army; why these Americans, facing deployment to a war zone–some for the second or third time–are willing to raise their right hands and renew their oath of enlistment.”

“Why, you ask? Because they are answering America’s Call to Duty! It is a call that summons forth their sense of duty, honor, courage. I tell you that Americans, such as these, have been answering that call for over 230 years by serving in our Army,” Helmly said. more>>

Check back as we share with you stories, comments, videos and photos from past National Capitol Reenlistment Ceremonies and participants. Post your comments and stories as well as why you continue to answer the call to Stay Army Reserve!

Moreover, if you were a part of the first ceremony we are looking forward to hearing about your experiences in the National Capitol Region and your participation in the ceremony.


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