Today started for me with an absence of Mountain Dew which may in fact have been the cause of the headache I’ve been dealing with.  

The mission today has primarily been one of reconnaissance. We started with a short drive to Reagan International Airport where our reenlisting Soldiers and their families will arrive. This is for the benefit of our drivers who will be shuttling to the hotel.  

Our next stop, Fort Myer to inspect the facilities designated for the social events. Master Sgt. Barr is in charge of the grill at Spates Hall; his pre-mission checks confirmed it to be up to the task. He is only slightly disappointed that he will not be able to use his own recipes.  

We investigated the officers’ club, which has a lovely exterior, but was unfortunately closed on Monday. A placard indicates the facility doubles as a fallout shelter, which is moderately comforting.  

Our stay at Arlington National Cemetery was brief, which of course was a little disappointing. My favorite memory of my last trip to this city (2000) was witnessing the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns. It is an awesome experience that I cannot recommend enough.  


Event staff distracted by the photo opportunity


At the capitol building, many of us were distracted by the sights and wanted our pictures taken. It’s hard to stay focused on the mission in that sort of environment. On second thought it’s probably for the best that we didn’t see the Tomb today.  

Overall it’s looking like we will have a very memorable event this week.


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