Basic Lessons

Drill Sergeants our some of the most respected Soldiers in the Army.  They are the ones charged with teaching, guiding and mentoring our Soldiers during initial training.

The Soldiers and their families have arrived to Washington, D.C., for the National Capitol Reenlistment Ceremony and Family Readiness Conference. 60 outstanding Soldiers were selected to participate in this year’s Ceremony. All of the Soldiers have proven themselves to be at the top of what the Army Reserve can offer.

During the arrival of the Soldiers and families to D.C., I had the fortune to interview many of them. The vast majority has been mobilized and deployed in support of the different operations in the last few years. During their mobilizations and deployments they have learned many lessons; and as leaders they have returned to share them with us.

During my interviews; I spoke to an exceptional Soldier. His name is Sgt. Kyle Turner, a very humble and reserved Soldier who is currently serving as Drill Sergeant in Fresno, California. During our conversation he mentioned something that brought back some things into perspective as an NCO.

Sgt. Turner mentioned that he found himself deployed to Iraq two weeks after completing Basic Training. During his deployment in Iraq, he found himself in combat situations that would put any experienced warrior to the test. After completing his tour in Iraq, he returned to the United States with his unit. One of the first things that he did upon his return was to take a trip to Fort Drum, New York.

He took this trip in order to meet one of his former Drill Sergeants, “Drill Sergeant Gilbert.” He thanked him for the discipline and for ingraining in his head the importance of basic combat skills. Sgt. Turner told Drill Sergeant Gilbert “I am alive because of you, thank you.”

Sgt. Turner finds himself in the same position now as a Drill Sergeant. He says that he sticks to the basics and gives his Soldiers no slack. He wants to instill in his Soldiers, the importance of knowing the basics.


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