High Altitude Reenlistment

Drill Sgt Caterina Shipman reenlists halfway down a 45 foot tower with Col. Ligon, Commander, Army Reserve Career Division (ARCD), swearing her in and Sgt. Major Guhl, Sgt. Major, 13th Battalion, ARCD holding the US Flag in the background.

I do solemnly swore...

One remembers many moments throughout their military career such as their Recruiter, their Drill Sergeant, or their Promotion ceremonies. But for Drill Sergeant Caterina Shipman her reenlistment will be something she will never forget.

Half way down a 45 feet repelling tower, with an American flag in the background, Drill Sergeant Shipman stated her name and solemnly swore,” …I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies…”

Col. John Ligon congratulates Drill Sgt, Caterina Shipman after her reenlistment

Col. John Ligon congratulates Drill Sgt Caterina Shipman after her reenlistment

Despite the high winds, which made the repelling with a flag a little trickier for Sergeant Major Guhl, Colonel Ligon, Commander, ARCD, Sergeant Major Guhl, Sergeant Major, 13th Battalion, ARCD and Drill Sergeant Shipment repelled down the tower to conduct the reenlistment.

“This was a dream true! I enjoy military life and have had the experience of my life as well as meeting some extraordinary people,” said Drill Sergeant Shipman.

Drill Sergeant Shipman and her fellow Drill Sergeants from the 95th Division Drill Sergeant Unit from Oklahoma assisted the 13th Battalion, Army Reserve Careers Division (ARCD) with their yearly Warrior Task Training at Kirkland Air Force Base in New Mexico. One of the events the battalion set up was the repel tower, when the idea for the reenlistment came.

Drill Sgt Caterina Shipman is all smiles after her reenlistment.

A Dream Come True

Drill Sergeant Shipman who has been in the Army Reserve since 2005 has always dreamed of being a Career Soldier. She was the alternate to represent the state of Oklahoma for the National Capitol Reenlistment Ceremony this past April, so it was fortunate that she was able to reenlist from the tower instead.

She looks forward to continuing her military career and hopes to deploy for a tour in Afghanistan in November. Drill Sergeant Shipman also plans to re-class to Psychological Operations and retire from the Army Reserve.
What unusual way or place would you like to reenlist? Leave a comment and let us know.


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