What is BNCOC/ALC-CC About?

Once the initial inprocessing and waiting (…and waiting) in lines is complete, its time to start with the course. As the name implies, this covers basic NCO skills common to all. Regardless of MOS or position leadership skills are similar throughout the Army.

The movies would have civilians believe that Army life is one of constant danger and excitement. Recruiting ads often carry the same message. Then there is the reality. Lets face it, there is real work that needs to be done. Sometimes it isn’t glamorous. Rambo never had to look up something in a published regulation or Field Manual, needed to discuss his NCOER or ever seemed to have pay problems! He also never ran out of ammo or needed to wear field gear either. I guess all his spare magazines and equipment were tucked underneath the bandana…

Anyway, on this planet Soldiers need support and good leadership is about providing it. A good leader digs into the task at hand and does the needed research. Knowing where to look and how to do that research is an important, if unglamourous, part of the NCO’s job.

Much of BNCOC is spent in the classroom discussing and referencing published doctrine. No, you aren’t going to run around in an FTX or go to the range in this class, at least not in this first Phase. But you are learning lessons that will help you help your Soldiers and that is what being a leader is really about.

BNCOC instructors will point out that you will get out of the course what you put in. Putting forth the effort to learn Army publications on leadership, your MOS and other relevant technical areas will allow you to Be, Know and Do for yourself and your Soldiers.


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