Preparing for Army Courses

Army Reserve Career Counselors, MOS 79V, help manage Soldier’s military career by keeping up to date on current regulations and rules concerning reenlisting, unit transfers, MOS reclassification, bonuses, etc.

One way to improve your Army career is to be prepared for success NCOES and MOS schools.

Before attending any course, find the specific listing on ATRRS, read the description and any Welcome Packet sent to you. While the Army maintains standards throughout its courses, there will be differences and unique situations to anyone class. The cadre will put information on their course on ATRRS (another reason to research this yourself) and should send you a welcome letter when you’re enrolled. This is much easier than having to scramble and make last minute phone calls to your home unit because you didn’t bring some needed bit of paperwork or piece of kit.

Even if there is no APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test) given, Height/Weight will be stringently checked. There is no “close enough” on this! Having recently attended the Army Reserve Career Counselors, everyone in my class made the standard, however, the cadre has been forced to immediately send students back to home station because they were over regulation limits.


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