Meet Your Army Reserve Career Counselor

Army Reserve Career Division is tasked with maintain strength throughout the force by helping personnel  The official title of this position is Retention And Transition NCO (Army Reserves), MOS 79V. The retention and transition non-commissioned officer for the Army Reserve affects the retention of USAR soldiers and transfer of qualified USAR soldiers to Troop Program Units (TPU). This is only available to NCO with ASVAB scores of 110 in aptitude area GT (General Technical), waivable to 100 with a score of 100 in aptitude ST (Skilled Technical).

Duty Description
The Career Counselor:

Interviews, counsels and qualifies soldiers for transfer, reenlistment, extension, and warrant officer. Explains benefits and incentives.

Prepares reenlistment, extension, transfer, and warrant officer forms and documents.

Provides career and transition assistance to the soldiers of the USAR.

Conducts professional development programs.

Serves as commanders primary agent for retention, transition and warrant officer activities.

Explains USAR benefits to family members and staffs a family assistance center during mobilization.

In short, your career counselor’s job is to help you and your Army career.


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