Let the Competition Begin!

Atlanta Airport Marriott

Atlanta Airport Marriott

Today marks the beginning of the Army Reserve 8th annual Career Counselor of the Year Competition. This year’s four-day competition, held at the Atlanta Airport Marriot, will test Army Reserve Career Counselors on topics varying from warrior skills to the Soldiers individual job skills.

When most people hear the words Career Counselors the idea of recruiters usually crosses the mind. But Career Counselors are much more than a recruiter. Army Reserve Career Counselors are seasoned Soldiers who have completed at least one six-year enlistment term. This mandatory time in service requirement is not only necessary, but rational as Career Counselors help Soldiers explore their opportunities for military schools, assignments to units around the world and other potential life-changing experiences.

There are 13 Career Counselors competing in this years competition – one Soldier from each Army Reserve Battalion throughout the United States. These 13 Soldiers have each already won the preliminary competitions held by their commands. Now it is time to see who is the best of the best.

Come back to our site and follow these 13 Soldiers for the next four days to see who will prove to embody the mental and physical skills it takes to be this years Army Reserve Career Counselor of the Year.


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    […] Let the Competition Begin! « Stay Army Reserve […]

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