The End Draws Near


The fourth and final day of the Secretary of the Army, Army Reserve Career Counselor of the Year Competition is just about over. The competitors and their mentors were taken to the Atlanta History Center. Once there, they were given a tour of the Civil War and Lincoln exhibits. The Civil War exhibit focused on the importance of the city of Atlanta during the war, and the Lincoln exhibit revealed many priceless artifacts and information about President Lincoln’s life. Afterwards, everyone was treated to lunch and given a brief  explanation of Atlanta’s role in the Civil War. The competitors and mentors were allowed to wear civilian attire, and enjoyed a final day of relaxation before the night’s dinner and finding out the winner of the competition.

SFC Kirk briefly talks with the curator of the Atlanta History Museum tour

SFC Soto reads part of a display

Once the competitors and mentors returned to the Atlanta Airport Marriott, majority of them had some down time. SFC Ash and SSG Jackson, however, were scheduled to conduct live interviews. SFC Ash interviewed with a station in Charleston, South Carolina where she now works, and SSG Jackson interviewed with a Topeka, Kansas based station. They were both asked questions pertaining to the competition and their jobs as Army Reserve Career Counselors. Both represented the Army Reserve and their field of work very well.

SFC Ash during her interview

SSG Jackson smiles during her interview

The day is just about at a close. All that remains is competition’s official dinner, during which the winner will be announced. The competition was quite challenging at times and all the participants deserve to be recognized for their hard work and dedication. However, in the end there can only be one Secreatary of the Army, Army Reserve Career Counselor of the Year.

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  1. military boots Says:

    Great post. It’s important to remember our Civil War history and roots.

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