From Iraq to Home and Back to War- Part 2 of Angel’s R & R Jouney

Major Angel Wallace and son, Trey

Major Angel Wallace and son, Trey

Transitioning from Mission to Mom

As he comprehended in his mind who was waiting for him, I was acknowledging how much I had missed in his life.”- Part 2 of Angel Wallace’s journey home on R&R where she sees the gratitude of a nation @ DFW, a son she’d not seen in almost a year, & copes w/ how different life is back home.

Major Angel Wallace is a Soldier, a leader, and has been one for over 15-years. She’s been deployed before, but nothing really prepared her for those first few moments coming home for R&R, what to expect, how would her Son react, how would she? It had been almost a year since she’d been home, seen her son and no matter how seasoned the Soldier there is no preparing for that first moment back.

Read more of her story on the My Army Reserve Blog site.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the final part of this series w/ Angel Wallace as she shares her experience of arriving back in Iraq and getting back into the mission, and her gratitude towards those who she’s honored to serve with.


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