A Soldier Hero’s Story of Survival Before, During and After Iraq

A young Redus Thomas

A young Redus Thomas

This is Staff Sgt. Redus Thomas’ story. He’s an “Army All-American Bowl Soldier Hero” for the Army Reserve, a caring husband, and a loving father to his wonderful 15-month baby girl. He is an Army Reserve Recruiter, passionate about his service and committed to the organization he loves. But it has not been easy for Redus – not growing up, not in Iraq, and certainly not since returning home more than five years ago. His journey is not unlike many others who’ve returned from combat, coping with the real and raw challenges of being “the one who survived.” His wife, Kylah, has endured as well, caring, hoping and pushing her husband to get the help he so desperately needed, not knowing if he would ever truly heal.

SSG Redus Thomas shares his story, a compelling and intimate look at a troubled boy who found a mentor, a Staff Sgt. who sacrificed so much for his country, and a husband and father who has fought through the mental and physical scars of war with their love.

Part 1 of Redus Thomas’ Story- “A Strong Mother and Big-Brother who Gave him a Chance to be a Hero


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