“Sir, I just wanted to serve”

“Tell me a little bit about where you’re from, what do you do back home?” In this particular case it was, no kidding: I’m a student at the Citadel back in Charleston. I’m just taking a year off so I can deploy. Great! What are you? I’m an English teacher back home. I’ve got my master’s in education. What are you? I’m an aerospace engineer student at Georgia Tech in my junior year. I’ve got a 3.8 GPA. These are junior enlisted Soldiers. The question is, what are you doing here? And all of them say, Sir, I just wanted to serve. I just wanted to do something and the Reserve lets me do that because I can go do this and then I can go back and finish my studies, finish my job.

Read the rest of the story at “Sir, I just wanted to serve.”


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