Soldiers Vie for Best Warrior Title

Excerpts from Fighting to Become the Army Reserve’s Best Warrior

Train hard
Each soldier worked hard before the competition to prepare for the tasks ahead. Those who were prepared did well appearing before the board of senior non-commissioned officers and on the Army physical fitness test.

Be well rounded
A competitor had to knowledgeable in every task because they receive points from each task based on their performance, which are tallied for the final score.

“A Best Warrior is a leader that performs all of their duties, and every kind of performance here, not just average or good, but the best,” said Pfc. Jose Castro, a transportation specialist with the 423rd Transportation Company.

Lead the way
A high score isn’t the only thing the judges look for. The cadre wants a natural leader.

Never give up
To succeed in the Best Warrior competition, a soldier has to be tough. The eight events occur one after another over three days, with very few breaks, making the competition extremely physically demanding.

Commit to winning
To win the Best Warrior competition, one has to be completely dedicated to the event and stay motivated.


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