“Army Reserve Helps Me Support My Parents”

SGT Asana Fuimaono, a 91B (Light Wheeled Mechanic) with the 411th Forward Support Company, hails from America Samoa. Double majoring in Liberal Arts and Criminal Justice, he is Staying Army Reserve because of the benefits, especially because the Army helps him support his parents.

He went Ordnance initially because it was the only Reserve unit available to him but he has found he has enjoyed the experience. On top of his double major studies, he is also enrolled in ROTC. While he hasn’t made a hard decision, SGT Fuimaono plans to branch Ordnance and remain with the 411th.

His desire to lead based on experience while deployed to Iraq in 2007-2008 was a primary motivator to become commissioned. His maintainance platoon was attached to a different unit and he was, uh, underwhelmed by that particular unit’s leadership. Wanting to take the reins, he feels that ROTC will give him the chance to lead from the front and avoid the leadership issues he experienced.

Upon graduation, SGT Fuimaono plans to pursue his Masters and apply for Law school.


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