Easy Option

Staff Sgt. Melancon serves the Army Reserve as a Drill Sergeant with the 1st BN, 378th Regt, 98th Division in Lafayette, Louisiana

“The Army just comes natural to me. I love what I do and will stay in until they kick me out,” stated Staff Sgt. Zachary Melancon, an Army Reserve Drill Sergeant from Lafayette, Louisiana.

Staff Sgt. Melancon initially wanted to enlist in the Marine Corps but switched to the Army Reserve based on education opportunities. He has made the most of those benefits, graduating from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2010 with a degree in Industrial Technology.

After a deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2005, Staff Sgt. Melancon’s unit was reorganized and he found himself unhappy with the transition.

“I didn’t like the changes in the unit so I started looking for other options when I came across the Drill Sergeant Unit,” he stated. “At one point in their career, every Soldier thinks about becoming a Drill Sergeant. We all remember our Drill Sergeant’s from basic training. Going to DS school was an opportunity I didn’t want to pass up.”

Staff Sgt. Melancon chose to reenlist because he simply loves the Army and plans to pursue a career path as an Officer.


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