From South Korea with Pride

SSG Rhee and his mother Mrs. Son

SSG Rhee and his mother Mrs. Son

Written by SSG Lopez, Astrid N.

After an 18 hour flight SSG Rhee and his mother Mrs. Sookjin Son made it in from South Korea. It was a long flight, but they are finally here sharing their story.  

SSG Rhee served in Active Duty for 4 and a half years, after that he joined the Army Reserve and has served for 3 and a half years and is willing to Reenlist again.  SSG Rhee, Eric was deployed to Afghanistan for 18 months from 2006 to 2007 in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (Seven and Eight) in which he ran combat missions in support of Maneuvering Units, as a Section Chief.

He has a younger brother who served as a Commissioned Officer in the Korean Army, and his mother, who is here to share this event with him: “ I’m pleased to see the positive changes on my son, physically and mentally, throughout his military career”.

If you want to read more on his story, just click the link in his name.


One Response to “From South Korea with Pride”

  1. SFC Kirby Says:

    SSG Rhee,

    7th BN is happy you’re Mom and you arrived safe. Enjoy your trip.

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