“I Couldn’t Not Be In The Army”

SGT Matthew Powell is a 68M (Hospital Nutrition Care Specialist) and 92G (Cook) with the 399th CSH. He enlisted in 2003 and deployed in 2005 to Iraq, where he modified food for injured Soldiers and civilians and guard duty at FOB Diamondback and Al Asad Air Base. “The deployment was good, at least as good as a deployment can go,” he says.

SGT Powell likes his unit, currently serving as the NCOIC of the kitchen, and plans to stay for a full twenty year career. “I’ve been in for so long, all my adult life, I couldn’t not be in military.” His unit offers him good promotion opportunity and he is staying. He briefly considered being Military Police, but didn’t want to do his future civilian job in the military. Besides, he says, “Everyone loves the cook. It’s the best job in the military!”

Currently a manufacturing engineer, SGT Powell has a degree in criminal justice and is pursuing career in law enforcement.


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