I Finally Made It

I had every intention of arriving in Washington, D.C.  much earlier than what was expected on Sunday. I was awake bright and early, loaded my SUV, and on my way to the Harrisburg Armed Forces Reserve Center to pick up the government vehicle by 0800. I didn’t get far at all when I saw “Creek Road”, the only road to and from my home, was flooded. I tend to be more on the adventurous and daring side than the cautious side. So, my first thought when I saw the “Road Closed” sign, was to just go for it, go around the barrier, put the pedal to the floor, and drive right through the flooded road. However, yesterday morning I had a very strong feeling that I needed to trust my instincts and not take the risk. I kept picturing my my SUV capsized and filling with water. I think I made my decision to not “go for it” when I couldn’t erase the image of my government laptop possibly floating or worse yet sinking in the muddy water. That’s not a statement of charges or disciplinary action that I looked forward to. Instead, I put safety first and turned around to head back home. Four hours later, I was on my way again and able to travel on Creek Road. Imagine how relieved I was that I trusted my gut when I saw another SUV much like the one I was driving, flooded and nearly on its side from probably being too adventurous earlier (check out the photo).  "Follow your instincts"

That was not my only obstacle yesterday to say the least. The good news is that I finally made it. I arrived many hours late, but most importantly I am safe and ready to blog for the 2011 National Capital Reenlistment Ceremony.


2 Responses to “I Finally Made It”

  1. Ricky Says:

    Its working now Leslie. Hope your having a good time

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