“I Just Want To Mentor Soldiers”

Originally from Rhode Island and now Lowell, MA, SSG Paul Watkins is currently serving in ARCD Bn 1 as of Jan 2011. He initially enlisted 31B (Military Police) back in 2000 and has deployed three times with as many units, first with the 344th MP Company (2002-03), then the 220th TC (2005-06) and the 340th MP Company (2008-09).

His policy is to go with the flow and not get worked up when a curve ball is thrown his way. As an example, SSG Watkins had to take a 88M (Truck Driver) reclass course and deployed as a truck driver but ended up attached to an active duty Artillery unit doing convoy security and patrolling.

He feels his deployments were “exciting” and, because of his multiple deployments and vast experience, became a mentor for many of the Soldiers in his deploying units. While in country with the 340th, he did many dismounteded patrols outside of Baghdad. The experience was rougher than his previous deployments and helped many of the younger, less experienced Soldiers along. SSG Watkins lost a friend there who is buried in Arlington and that was a motivator to attend NCRC.

Because he liked the idea of mentoring and career counseling for an Army job, and because he interated with ARCC so well, SSG Watkins joined ARCD and is a Career Counselor.
Currently studying Criminal Justice as a full time student, SSG Watkins would like to find an AGR position. Failing that, he will pursue a government job working Homeland Security. He plans to Stay Army Reserve for a full twenty years. “I’ve come this far and I want to stick it out. I think people have to be more proactive instead of just getting disgruntled with the Army when things don’t go their way.”

He is joined at NCRC by his wife, Leanna, who is also an MP currently assigned to EUCOM working at Fort Devens on a TPU status.


One Response to ““I Just Want To Mentor Soldiers””

  1. Heidi Snowberger Says:

    I just want the this terrific military hero to know that there is a man using his picture on multiple facebook accounts to scam women. I recieved an email from this man and know the Nigeria love scam red flags so I took the picture and uploaded it to google photo search and this is how I found this site. This man is a disgrace to the uniform by impersonating you and thought you should know. If you have any questions please email me.

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