Family Strong=Army Strong

Staff Sgt. Flynn addresses Ms. Wriglesworth, director of Army Reserve Family Programs, during an information briefing.

For a Soldier to make the decision to reenlist in the Army Reserve, they need to feel supported by their family. And when a Soldier does commit to serving, their family makes the same commitment.

Ms. Sonia Wriglesworth, direct of Army Reserve Family Programs, spoke to Soldiers and their family members about the importance of ensuring families have support and resources to keep their family Army Strong.

“Its imperative family members have support and they are aware of our programs,” stated Ms. Wriglesworth. “We provide education, training, awareness, outreach, information, referrals and follow-ups for our Army Reserve families.”

Training curriculums are developed by Charlotte Douglas, training manager for ARFP. The organization uses past requirements and focus groups to create effective training programs that directly relate to what family members need.

“The focus groups are very successful in that they tell us what is going on out in our units and communities,” noted Charlotte. “We can get a clearer understanding of the issues and challenges family members face.”

Tomorrow, family members will break into two groups and collectively decide on issues to brief before Lt. General Stultz, Chief, Army Reserve, at the National Archives. The purpose of the briefs is to bring awareness to family and Soldier issues that have not yet been addressed.

Information about Army Reserve Family Programs is available at


One Response to “Family Strong=Army Strong”

  1. Beth Says:

    My husband enlisted in the Army Reserves at the age of 41. He has no prior military background…he had decided to pursue a passion of his. He returned home last month after completely BCT and AIT. I am so incredibly proud of him and have wanted nothing more than to show my support in his decision to serve his country. I am now serving as the FRG Leader for his unit. As a new military family (my oldest son just completed BC with the Navy) it is important to me that we fully embrace this new lifestyle. My hope is that through my new role as the FRG leader that I become more knowledgable about the programs available to family members so I can be there to provide support to other family members when needed. LIFE IS GOOD!

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