Daddy’s Little Trooper

The first time I saw Adison Mooney she was moving full speed through the double doors of a conference room with her Grandma, Delphia, chasing after her.  She was on a mission.  The mission was to find her Daddy amongst all in attendance at the Family Readiness Conference.  Everyone’s attention was drawn to sweet Adison as she announced, “I’m finding my Daddy!”  As if that was not sweet enough, when she spotted “Daddy”, Staff Sgt. James Mooney, she ran into his arms once again announcing to everyone, “There’s my Daddy!” 

Later during an interview, Staff Sgt. Mooney talked about how appreciative he is for the opportunities that the Army Reserve has given him.   Most importantly, he is grateful for the number of family oriented events, like the 2011 Quality of Life & Family Readiness Conference, that allow him to bring Adison with him.    The amount of quality time that Staff Sgt. Mooney spends with the cute and spunky little Adison is obvious by the bond they share.   When I was talking to Staff Sgt. Mooney during his interview, his demeanor completely changed at the mention of Adison.   He takes advantage of every chance he gets and every opportunity that allows him to include Adison.  There’s no question that Staff Sgt. Mooney is definitely a family man.  Adison is clearly Daddy’s little trooper in her camouflage dress and matching camouflage purse with added white fur trim for a little touch of femininity.


3 Responses to “Daddy’s Little Trooper”

  1. MSG John T. Martin Says:

    She is adorable, and being a father of four, three being girls, I can say that she has ‘Her Daddy’s’ heart in a nice big bearhug.

    Congratulations SSG Mooney. You looked sharp today and have a bright future ahead of you and a lovely family to share it with.

  2. twila Says:

    So cute!

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