Former Navy Seabee Just Wanted To Do His Part

SSG Steven Meeker is assigned to the 1/414th Drill Sergeant Unit in Eugene, OR. Following eight years of prior service in the Navy, SSG Meeker got out in 2002 because of slow promotions there.

However, after a 15 month break in service, he realized the military really was his life and that the Army Reserve was his best option. Upon joining the Army Reserve SSG Meeker enlisted 21W (Builder/Mason) in 2004 as this MOS was deemed closest to his previous Navy experience as a Builder with the Seabees. His intention was to become a Drill Sergeant but decided against it because he didn’t feel he had yet acquired enough Army experience to teach at that point.

Instead, he went 42F (Human Resource Information System Management) until promoted as a E-6 in 2008, working that MOS for the 1/414th. For his civilian career, SSG Meeker currently works for Jackson County Roads Department doing road maintenance, a job that ties nicely to his previous military experience, and plans to Stay Army Reserve for a full twenty years. He is currently volunteering to deploy with a unit from the 95th DIV heading to Afghanistan because “I just want to do my part overseas.”

He is accompanied at NCRC by his father, Glen.


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