Math-Smart Engineer Gets The Mail Through

SGT Justin Hoehn is a 92A (Automated Logistics) with the 889th Quartermaster unit in Kalispell, MT. He enlisted in 2004 and chose this unit and MOS because it is close to home. Given a choice he might have gone Intelligence or with and Engineer unit, but proximity to family made his mind.

In addition, the unit offers him plenty of promotion opportunities through E-7 at least and he plans to pursue becoming commissioned.

The 889th was not slated to deploy so in 2006 SGT Hoehn volunteered to join the 747th AG heading for Iraq. Following AT in Helena, he went to Fort McCoy for four months of postal MOS training (F4 and F5 Additional Skill Identifiers) and was in country for one year. The deployment was good but stressful due to the fact that so many of the deploying Soldiers had volunteered for new positions and their Iraq assignment was their first post-school job experience. Despite this, the deployment was positive. SGT Hoehn served as the Postal Supervisor/COPE (Custodian of Postal Effects) in his theater.

SGT Hoehn is studying Mechanical Engineering at Flathead Valley Community College and will complete his Bachelor’s at Montana State University in Bozeman. He already has an Associate Degree in General Science. Holding three part-time jobs for civilian employment, SGT Hoehn works as a Pre-Algebra to Calculus math tutor for high school to college level, is a parts specialist for O’Reilly Auto Parts (which ties neatly with his MOS training), and works for Brass and Bullets, a specialty gun shop handling firearms and reloading equipment. An avid shooter, he is also is trying military shooting events and planning to attend All Army in 2012.

SGT Hoehn is joined at NCRC with Ashley, his girlfriend.


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