Soldiers Interviews

Staff Sgt. Claudia L. Palacios prepares for her interview.

Staff Sgt. Claudia L. Palacios prepares for her interview.

During the week of the 2011 Quality of Life & Family Readiness Conference and the National Reenlistment Ceremony, held in Washington DC this past April, Soldiers were interview by the media from across the county.  As we receive copies of these interviews we will share them with you by links to the news article or audio recording.

So check back often, click on the Events link in the top right corner,  then the link for this year’s conference, then click on Soldiers Media Interview.

Our Warrior Citizens stories of why they continue to reenlist and their experience while serving are amazing, yet their reasons and their experience are much like yours.

Be sure to leave your comments and share your stories as well.


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