Making The Band

SSG Matthew Stephens warms up

The Army maintains scores of bands for official performances, including 18 bands within the Army Reserve

(, 54 bands within the Army National Guard and 35 bands within the Active Army.

Do you have musical talent? There is a process to join. The first step to joining the Army Band Program is the audition. Applicants should visit and ill out the form online when ready to audition for the Army Band Program. Audition requirements vary depending on instrument but generally include playing a prepared piece as a solo/rudiments (percussion), sight reading sheet music, scales and arpeggios from memory, chords for polyphonic instruments, etc.

“Most Soldiers in an Army Band enlist into the position,” says SSG Matthew Stephens of the 198th Army Band, “but anyone that can play and has a music background can audition.”


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