The Army Makes Music Available

SSG Earlenbaugh

The Army maintains bands for official ceremonies and performances all over the world. Most U.S. Army band performances do not require a ticket. However, some bands use free tickets to facilitate seating, especially at major events where the potential audience can far exceed the number of seats available.
Some Army bands produce recordings for distribution through public affairs channels.  These recordings are for the non-profit use of music educators, public libraries, and public broadcasting outlets.  Some music is available for free download on individual band websites and at the Army Band Listening Room.

When you attend an Army Band show or ceremony you will be treated to a truly professional performace.  Band members identified by MOS (42R) and must earn an Additional Skill Identifier for each insturment officially played. I say “officially” because some Army band members double on other instruments as well.

On top of this official training following a rigorous audition process, most Army band members are professional musicians for their civilian career. SSG Doug Earlenbaugh, a Saxophonist for the 380th Army Band, serves as the Director of Music for the Grace Bible Church. He has been a band director for public and private schools for the his entire adult working life.


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