Jessica Storch- On Top of the World Yet Amazingly Grounded

Army Reserve Specialist Jessica Storch lives on top of the World, literally, she was born and raised in North Pole, Alaska. competition in this years Army Reserve Best Warrior Competition

Spc. Jessica Storch – In her own words…

“The day that I graduated basic training was my best day (in uniform)! The whole experience was more of a mental challenge then anything. I was so relieved because I thought it would never end.

Training as a volunteer at the fire department has made me a better soldier because I get to work alongside professionals who are truly selfless. They give their time to help people in need and train me. I hope to achieve that level of professionalism and care in my career as a soldier.
I feel like the term should be “Soldier-Citizen.” Even though I am not in uniform (every day) I still try to live with values and reach for goals important to my life as a Soldier and a civilian. Being the best you can as both is keeping a sharp double-edged sword.

I would like to dedicate this to my unit the 1984th United States Army Hospital, especially to HHD because even though we are the smallest in number of people and have to do the best we can with what limited resources we have, we always do our best to train to standard and show everybody what we’re made of. Competing in the Best Warrior competition is important to me to give the best representation of my unit. It’s an honor to compete.”

To read her story go to


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