Secretary of the Army, Army Reserve Career Counselor of the Year Competition

Written by Spc. CaTria Williamson

From 13 Battalions…

Over a thousand soldiers were whittled down to ONLY 13…

Those 13 were chosen…All to unearth JUST 1…

The 1 who will become…

The Army Reserve Career Counselor of the Year!

Many do not know what it takes to be an Army Reserve Career Counselor. Nor do they know what it means to wear the Career Counselor Badge.

Army Career Counselor Badge

Army Career Counselor Badge

The Career Counselor Badge recognizes those who selected as promotion and career advancement coordinators, and Retention Non-commissioned Officers (NCO). The eagle on the badge, with raised and outstretched wings, is a national emblem. The branches of olive suggest service in peacetime as well as in war. The spear and musket from the seal of the Department of the Army symbolize the role of the Army in National Defense and the many specialized requirements served by the activities of the career counselor.

If you have heard it said before, no NCOs advocate the saying, “We’re about taking care of the Soldiers”, more than career counselors.

It is because of the care taken by these men and women of the Army Reserve that Soldiers are able to advance in their careers, relocate, take special training, and explore the multiple avenues of life in the Army.

The job of an Army Reserve Career Counselor deserves special recognition for the impacts they make in Soldiers lives.

Hosted by the Army Reserve Careers Division, commanded by Col. Gary U. Bullard, The Secretary of the Army conducts an annual competition to select the Secretary of the Army, Army Reserve Career Counselor of the year. Over a thousand Soldiers undergo a preliminary competition within their battalion. From those thirteen, one career counselor is chosen. Those career counselors, the crème de la crème, then met to go head-to-head against one another competing to be named the Army Reserve Career Counselor of the Year.

This year’s competition will meet from September 20th through the 23rd in Fort Benning, Georgia with the Army Reserve Careers Division senior enlisted leader, Command Sgt. Major Connie F. Commenia as the board president.
This competition requires these Soldiers to know their jobs in and out. From Army regulations and publications, to study guides from cover to cover. They have prepared themselves physically and mentally.

Beginning on September 20th, they will exemplify what it means to be a career counselor!

Check out the competition and be sure to congratulate then for already winning their battalion competition.


2 Responses to “Secretary of the Army, Army Reserve Career Counselor of the Year Competition”

  1. Gracyn Says:

    Que puedo decir si tngo los ojos llenos de lagrimas y un nudo en la garganta. Claro q no me rindo… Soy cabezota como nadie y sigo adelante!! He pasado unos dias durisimos, hace solo una semana q me han operado y llevo la barrigota cotaletpmenme abierta pero estoy feliz pq me han vuelto a dar esperanzas!!! Os echo un monton de menos pero me tuve q tomar un respiro!! Gracias chicas x ser como sois!! Gracias MJ!!! Meri77

  2. corvalen Says:

    Terrific Stuff! Should say i’m impressed. corvalen

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