The Competitions Begins…

Written by Spc. CaTria Williamson

As the evening draws to an end, competitors trickled into the Doubletree Hotel in Columbus, GA. They check-in to their rooms and some begin to make preparations for tomorrow morning competition.

Early arrivers mingled with fellow Career Counselors of the yester-years.

Candidates and mentors wait in the hotel lobby and time tick-tocks to the in-process and RFI issue for the Secretary of the Army Army Reserve Career Counselor of the Year Competition.

Soldiers intended to relax for the evening and begin the competition tomorrow morning, but to their surprise, they were greeted by a ‘Mystery Event’ before signing for any of their gear.

Hopefully, they put forth their best efforts.

This little event will be a part of the overall scoring process to determine who will become the next Secretary of the Army, Army Reserve Career Counselor of the Year!!!

Check back often to see how your favorite counselor is doing and leave your comments!


One Response to “The Competitions Begins…”

  1. Kory Ellen Middleton Says:

    Dear SFC Caban-
    Congratulations!! I salute you.I’m proud to know you and I’m not surprised that you won!
    Allthe best- CPT Kory Ellen Middleton

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