A Day to Remember: Memorial Day

  “Remember that the blood of heroes never dies.”      Jimmy Orr

For many Memorial Day marks the beginnings of a much-needed break, most schools are out for the summer, many have graduation and it marks not only a new beginning for them but also the unofficial beginning of summers. A day to celebrate, barbeques, picnics in the park, music and more.

A Funeral Procession at Arlington National Cemetery - Honoring the Fallen

Memorial Day is more than that; it is a day set aside to remember those that have left his life, family and friends, but also a day to remember our fallen warriors, those that made the ultimate sacrifice.

On May 28, 2012, Memorial Day will be celebrated across America. Between the joy and laughter, there will tears as bands play and parades pass us by, as flags are raised, as wreaths are laid upon tombs and as family remembers their own Warrior who never came home.

So take a moment to reflect, remembering those who have served and are still serving, but remember most those who gave their lives.


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