Going for the Gold

Competitors start the Army Physical Fitness Test during their 2012 Secretary of the Army, Army Reserve Career Counselors Competition.

Competitors start the Army Physical Fitness Test during their 2012 Secretary of the Army, Army Reserve Career Counselors Competition.

It was amazing watching the 2012 Olympics Games held in London this year. The top honor and nothing less is bringing home the “GOLD”.

In just a few days, it too will be about bringing home the “Gold” as the competition begins on September 16, for the 2012 Secretary of the Army, Army Reserve Career Counselor of the Year.

Just as each Olympian had to train and compete on their local level, thirteen Soldiers, one from each of the Army Reserve Career Division thirteen Battalions have already competed and won the honor of being their Battalion, Career Counselor of the Year, but now they are going for the Gold.

Sacrifice is the word that comes to my mind.  While I watched television or read a book the Olympian, most likely was somewhere training.  While I enjoyed a hamburger and fries, the Olympian meal may have maintained a strict routine of brown rice and vegetables.  While I slept late on a Saturday morning, the Olympian, may have been up for hours training, and some leave home to focus on nothing but training to win the “Gold”.

Again, the word sacrifice comes to mind, the one sacrifices each Army Reserve Career Counselor makes, is the decision to be “Twice the Citizen,” “a Warrior.”

Their Military Occupation Specialty is 79V, for short, we call them 79 Victors.   Task to sustain the strength of the Army Reserve, Army Reserve Career Counselors must continue their mission as they train to compete for Career Counselor of the Year.   Their mission is vital, sustaining the Army Reserve’s end strength.

Army Reserve Career Counselors providing guidance and career counseling to Soldiers of the Army Reserve; identifies and transfer Soldiers into a Troop Program Unit; conduct reenlistment and extensions;  prospecting and assisting Soldiers on becoming Army Reserve warrant officers and applying for direct commissioning and that is only part of what they do.

Their sacrifice now, means they must continue to focus on their mission while preparing for the competition.  Not just one simple task to add to their already packed day, in between phone calls, completing interviews or completing packets they must slip in the time to prepare to win the “GOLD”.

This competition is a multi-facet.  They will not just run as fast as a bolt of lightning or fly through the air, flipping several times then landing flat-footed without losing your balance. And no, I am not making light of the wonderful job and display of hard work and talent each of the Olympians  accomplished this summer, and my overall favorite by the way was Gabrielle Douglas.

This competition can consist of almost anything.  So they must prepare for everything.  Past competitions have included the Army Physical Fitness Test followed by Urban Orienteering, which encompassed a road march with backpack, Warrior Task, Weapons Qualification, Land Navigation, Essays, Uniform and Board Inspections and Mystery Events.

So just us as the competitions start on September 16, 2012 and give a shout out to your favorite competitor! Let them know how proud you are of them and give them your best advice to bring home the “GOLD.”


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