The Mentors

Everyone should have and be a mentor.  There is so much inside of each of us to share with someone else.  According to Webster’s dictionary, a mentor is a trusted counselor or guide.

Here at the 2012 Secretary of the Army, Army Reserve Careers Counselor of the Year Competition, the mentors provide motivation, support and last minute preparation.  However, this is not their only task. Before the competitor goes in front of board, their mentor, also in the Army Service Uniform (ASU) introduces their competitor to the board members and stays in the room during the board appearance.

The mentors this year were also tasked to write an essay, on the question, “What do your feel is the most important characteristic of a leader and why?”

Below are some quotes that we have pulled from their essay and to see photos of the competitors and mentors click here.

“Leading from the front; if you as a leader are charged with taking care and leading Soldiers, you must lead by example and do the right thing.”                                        
  Master Sgt. Pelletier, 1st Battalion
“Being a leader in definition is not determined by rank or position, but by having the courage to accomplish the mission.”                                                            
Master Sgt. Jamie Rogers, 2nd Battalion
“It’s not about you” or more personally, “it is not about me”…..The NCO Creed states, “I know my Soldiers and I will always place their needs above my own.”           
                                                                           Master Sgt. Carroll R. Hopkins, 3rd Battalion
“….but in my opinion the most important is being a mentor…..There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that at end of each training session your Soldiers learned something…” 
                                                                                 Master Sgt. Amanda Torres, 5th Battalion
“Integrity is the word without they cannot lead.”    
 Sgt. 1st Class Hundertmark, 6th Battalion
“To quote General (Ret) Powell, “If your Soldier stops coming to you with their problems, you have stopped being their leader.” 
Master Sgt. Gerald E. Renenger, 7th Battalion
“A leader must display courage when their Soldiers are challenged and have that “I cannot do this,” attitude by reinforcing the positive.”             
  Master Sgt. Timothy P.  Spenst, 8th Battalion
“As a leader, I have to be honest to the Soldiers on my team, honest in how I perform my duties, honest in my care for them, honest in the execution of the mission and honest in the values that we believe in.”
Master Sgt. Kimberly D. Bergman, 9th Battalion
 “The most important characteristic of a leader is the ability to motivate Soldiers through professionalism and inspiration.”  
Sgt. 1st Class Charles Parker, 10th Battalion
“Love is the most important characteristic of a leader because it enhances all our values, ethics and moral that we live everyday…..most people may think love is an emotion, it is the selfless giving toward others where our values can actually be reinforced and actually strengthening our character.”
Master Sgt. Mario E. Marquez, 11th Battalion
“As a leader when you work shoulder to shoulder with Soldiers you are modeling the heart of servant leadership.  This type of selfless service is infectious and builds in your Soldiers a desire to serve others.”
Master Sgt. Dean Fulton 12th Battalion
“The most important characteristic of a leader is to show care and concern for the Soldiers you are mentoring to be the leaders of tomorrow.”
Master Sgt. Thomas Mortenson, 13th Battalion









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