Army Warrior Task

For the 2012 Secretary of the Army, Army Reserve Career Counselor of the Year Competition, we spent all day at the Land Nav site on Fort Benning, Georgia.  Briefed and split into two groups, half of the competitors started with the Land Nav course and the others on other Army Warrior Task (AWT) and then flipped flopped after going to the EST 2000 – Weapons Simulator.  Oh, and another “Timed Pop Quiz” was thrown in to by the way.

For the Land Nav Course, Soldiers were briefed on the boundaries, given maps, protractor and compasses.  They checked their compasses, performed a 100 meter pace count and then given 3 hours to find 3 points.

The other Soldiers began the Army Warrior Task that included; Interaction with the News Media; Comply with the Requirements of Code of Conduct; Perform First Aid for Burns and Perform First Aid to Prevent or Control Shock.

For more photos on the days event click here.

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One Response to “Army Warrior Task”

  1. MSG John T. Martin Says:

    Looks like fun. Hope you all enjoyed your day playing in the woods of Fort Benning.

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