In 5 Days, 12 hours, 50 minutes….

The Army Ten Miler will start.

The race, held on October 21 this year, capped at 30,000 participants, sells out within days of open registration. Competitors either run individually or become part of a team. Seventeen oversea locations have confirmed to conduct Shadow Runs including Afghanistan, Kuwait, Korea, Egypt, Iraq, and Kosovo.

I image that for the tens of thousands of runners gearing for the 28th Annual Army Ten-Miler, it must be “fun”, though, I never could figure out where the fun came. Coupled that fun with camaraderie the Army Ten-Miler (ATM) is the second largest ten-mile race in the United States.

Held annually with participants from all service and civilians, the ATM mission is to promote the Army, build espirit de coups, support the Army fitness program and enhance community relations. Registration fees and sponsors contributions go to support the Army’s Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) programs. Events in DC will include a Hooah Teat, Youth Activities; the youth run will start after the ten-miler, a pre-race pasta dinner, and Awards Ceremony.

If you are running this year, make sure to stop by the Army Reserve Hoorah tent in the North Parking Lot, Tent Section D, Tent Number 66 and share your story with the Youth Backpack Journalists. The Backpack Journalists will be scouting around for interviews, taking photos and shooting videos.

Oh, when you are done running, send us your photo with captions and what you like best about ATM to so we can add you to this page or


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