All Army Long Range Championship

Long range rifle competition represents some of the oldest and most traditional forms of small arms competition. The oldest, most recognized trophies in the marksmanship world are for long range rifle events. The events are also very useful to our Army as Sniper doctrine, as well as all forms of marksmanship training, were first developed by long range rifle competitors.

Members of the USAR Marksmanship Team won nearly every match at the US Army Long Range Championships. Army Reserve Careers Division now has the number one Long Range Individual Champion and the first place Long Range Team in the entire Army.

MSG Norman Anderson, an Army Reserve Career Counselor, won four out of five individual matches, all shot from 800 to 1000 yards. MSG Anderson used the Army’s new XM 2010 Sniper Rifle and was crowned the US Army Long Range Champion, outperforming snipers from numerous infantry units from the Active Army and National Guard in the process.

In Team events, SGM Mauer and SFC Gervasio of the Army Reserve Careers Division won the Army Long Range Team Championship with both both firing M24 Sniper Rifles at 1000 yards. MSG Anderson along with SFC Leslie Lewis also took third place in the Open Division Team Match.

The US Army Long Range Championships were fired at ranges of 800, 900 and 1000 yards. Soldiers either fired the M24 Sniper Rifle (.308) or the XM 2010 Sniper Rifle (.300 WIN MAG). On day 1 and day 2, individual matches were fired at 800, 900 and 1000 yards. On day 3, Soldiers fired an individual 1000 yard match and teams fired a 1000 yard team match.

MSG Norman Anderson (4th BN ARCD) was the overall match winner with a score of 1045 and 58 X’s out of a possible 1050 points. MSG Anderson and SFC Lewis also earned 3rd Place in the Open category of the Team Championships. They fired a 148 with 6 X’s.

SGM Mauer and SFC Gervasio earned first place honors for ARCD in the Army Long Range Team Match (Service Rifle Category) firing the M24 Sniper Rifle with a score of 143 and 3 X’s.

LR image

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