Best Warrior Competition: Army Reserve Careers Division

Best Warrior Competitions (BWC) are becoming popular among Soldiers and for good reason. The event tests a wide range of Army skills and pits Soldiers in friendly competition. Competitive events have been long recognized as a positive motivating force for improving ability. The 11th Aviation Command recently held a Best Warrior Competition.

A number of Soldiers assigned to Army Reserve Careers Division competed at the event, not the sort of thing normally associated with an Army Reserve Career Counselor. “Letting our ARCCs (Army Reserve Career Counselors) become Subject Matter Experts is beneficial as it demonstrates to their Soldiers they truly believe in effective training, “ said SGM James Mauer, of ARCD Bn 3. “This builds camaraderie, esprit de corps and team building.”

SFC Richard Silva, assigned to ARCD 11th Battalion, has competed in a number of Best Warrior Competitions. SFC Silva won the board with 11th BN and his strongest events were the Army Physical Fitness Test and Combatives. “I find these events are always good, as there are differences between how they’re conducted,” he said. This is SFC Silva’s third Best Warrior and he finished in first place amongst his peers.

SFC Kyle Vanderlaan is an ARCC with ARCD 10th BN. He competed at a Best Warrior Competition hosted by the 11th AVN two years ago and was invited back. Unfortunately, a week prior to what would have been his second competition, SFC Vanderlaan was in a motorcycle collision and unable to compete. After recovering, he completed the Army’s Master Resiliency Course and Senior Leader Course. Based on successful performance there, he was asked to compete again. SFC Vanderlaan is an avid practitioner of Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu which he practices five days each week, as well as teaching cardio/metabolic conditioning classes. Not surprisingly, Combatives was his strongest event. SFC Vanderlaan was the Runner Up at this Best Warrior competition.

Competing for ARCD 3rd BN, Area 4 is SFC Romeo Santos. The 11th AVN BWC is his first Best Warrior event. His best event was the Road March, which he attributes to his training for 10 mile races. SFC Santos also managed to earn Excellence in Competition points by finishing in the top ten percent at the Best Warrior EIC event.

SFC Paul Núñez is assigned to ARCD 5th BN. Two months prior to attending the 11th AVN Best Warrior Competition, SFC Núñez won a BWC held by the 143rd Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) and was asked to compete again. SFC Núñez’s strongest event was Land Navigation.


Obstacle course


Weapon assembly


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