Thanksgiving Day Holiday Safety Message 2013

“Around the globe and in all manner of ways, you are standing a vigilant watch. You provide the support to those in harm’s way. You help ensure peace and stability in places that have historically known neither. Giving hope to those in need and pause to those who threaten freedom. The people you have helped are grateful, Americans everywhere are grateful, and your entire command team is grateful for your service.

Thanksgiving weekend marks the traditional start of the holiday season. Our Soldiers, Army Civilians, and their Families take this time to rest, relax, and give thanks for the many blessings we enjoy. Many of you will drive around the country to be with family or friends. It is my fervent hope that, over the holiday, you will take special care and will plan for your safety on the roads and at home. Private motor vehicle mishaps are a major concern for our team because of increased holiday travel and the arrival of winter weather. Decorations and deep fryers pose unique hazards. Use the tools available at to help you have a safe holiday.

Continue to look out for each other; all of you are valued members of our team. Suicide occurs in all social groups. It occurs among young, middle-aged, and older people; men and women; rich, middle class, and poor; all ethnic and religious groups; married and single people; the employed and unemployed, and the healthy and the sick. Prevention is possible by identifying subtle warning signs. Learn more at and do not hesitate to act.

Finally, we urge you to continue healthy habits. Exercise, diet, and positive mental attitudes go a long way in building and maintaining resiliency.

We are extremely proud of all you do for the for the Army and our nation. Again, from my family to yours, enjoy a very well deserved Thanksgiving holiday. We have lots to be thankful for – most especially all of you.”

Army Strong!
COL Thomas E. Bartow

Though written for the Army Reserve Careers Division, this message applies to all who support and defend our country.


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