Sgt.1st Class Troy S. Ramsey

4th Battalion, Army Reserve Careers Division
Army Reserve Career Counselor of the Year


Sgt.1st Class Troy S. Ramsey, a native of Louisville Kentucky, enlisted in the Army on March 18 1983. He attended One Station Unit Training at Ft. Knox, Kentucky where he received the MOS of 19D, Cavalry Scout.

His Previous assignments include: 6th Armored Cavalry Regiment, Ft. Knox Kentucky; 12th Armored Cavalry Regiment, Ft. Knox Kentucky; 7th Cavalry Regiment Camp Stanley, Korea; 149th Infantry Brigade, Camp Shelby Mississippi; 2nd BN 397th RGT, Ft. Knox Kentucky; 15 Cavalry Regiment, Ft Knox Kentucky; 1-81 Armor Regiment, Ft. Knox Kentucky. His deployments include Bosnia and Herzegovina Operation Joint Forge.

Sgt.1st Class Ramsey has held the following Positions: Armored Crew member, Armor Officers Basic Course Instructor, Armor Officers Advanced Course Instructor, Air Cavalry Scout, Fire Team Leader, JVB NCOIC, Cavalry Instructor, Drill Sergeant, Platoon Sergeant, Senior Drill Sergeant, Assistant Station Commander, Station Commander, Future Soldier Leader, and Career Counselor.

Sgt.1st Class Ramsey has attended the following Army Schools: Cavalry Scout Course, M1 Abrams Course, Dragon Missile Course, ITV Course, RC3 Bradley AFV Course, Instructor Training Course, Combatives Trainer Course, Basic Rifle Marksmanship Trainer Course, Drill Sergeant School, Combat Lifesaver Course, Total Army Retention Course, Army Recruiter School, Career Counselor School, and Cavalry Advanced Non Commissioned Officers Course, Sgt.1st Class Ramsey is currently working his Bachelor Degree in Business with a focus on Workforce Management.

His awards include: MSM, ARCOM(2), AAM, GCM(3), RCAM, NDSM, KDSM, AFEM, GWOTSM, AFRM-M(2) NCOPDR(3), OSR, NATO-MDL, Drill Sergeant Badge, Recruiter Badge, Career Counselor Badge, Drivers badge, and GAFPB(Gold)

Sgt.1st Class Ramsey’s short-term goals include membership into the SAMC, completion of his Bachelor’s Degree. Sgt.1st Class Ramsey’s long term goals are continuing postgraduate studies, working towards his Master’s Degree.

Sgt.1st Class Ramsey is assigned to 4th Battalion, stationed in Richmond, Kentucky as an Army Reserves Career Counselor and is accompanied by his wife.


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  1. Chris Spaid Says:

    Sgt Ramsey please contact me.


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