2011 Quality of Life & Family Readiness Conference and The National Capitol Reenlistment Ceremony

Soldiers from the 2010 NCRC pose for a picture with Lt. Gen. Jack C. Stultz - Chief, Army Reserve

Soldier from the 2010 NCRC & Lt. Gen. Stultz

Fifty-eight Soldiers and their Family will be participating in this year’s Quality of Life & Family Readiness Conference in the National Capitol Region, Washington, DC. During the week’s event the Soldiers will reenlist on Thursday, 21 April 2011 at the National Archives.  

Follow the week’s event, the Soldiers and their Family by clicking on the events or names below.

Event’s Photos

Reenlisting Soldiers

Cpl. Rodney Maine
Staff Sgt. Ryan Boetcher Staff Sgt. Steven R. Meeker
Staff Sgt. Melissa A. Buchholz Staff Sgt. Zachary J. Melancon
Sgt. Jared M. Burget Spc. Samuel Minchue III
Sgt. Daisy D. Butay Staff Sgt. James T. Mooney
Spc. Kevin J. Caradonna Staff Sgt. Kenneth M. Nisson
Sgt. John T. Cook Staff Sgt. Claudia L. Palacios
Staff Sgt. Natalie N. Crippen Sgt. David T. Palczewski
Sgt. Angelique R. Cross Staff Sgt. Ryan M. Palomba
Private 1st Class Antonio T. Davis Spc. Seth J. Pettit
Staff Sgt. Joel Davis Staff Sgt. Jenniffer L. Pitts
Sgt. Jorge E. Arrizon Sgt. Matthew S. Powell
Staff Sgt. Patrick J. Flynn Spc. Ray A. Pratt
Sgt. Fernando Franco Staff Sgt. Eric J. Rhee
Sgt. Ace E. Fuimaono Sgt.1st Class Tammy L. Romine
Staff Sgt. Christy R. Gipson Staff Sgt. A. Rose
Spc. Edwardo Guerra Sgt. Andrew M. Sha
Spc. Frank B. Hansen Staff Sgt. Cody E. Simpson
Sgt. Justin T. Hoehn Staff Sgt. Terril B. Stewart
Sgt.1st Class Jean A. Hohbach Sgt. Shelton A. Stowers
Staff Sgt. Winora W. Hoyle Sgt. Raymond M. Tanguay
Staff Sgt. Idris Ogunjobi Staff Sgt. Lucas B. Thieken
Spc. Aaron J. Jakubowski Sgt. 1st Class Edwin H. Turlington
Spc. Shanquela K. Jordan Sgt. Rosco D. Twilligear
Spc. Marcin E. Kazimierczak Staff Sgt. John Vazquez
Sgt. Sylvia R. LeGree Sgt. Shaun W. Vogt
Sgt. Cheryl C. Lewis Staff Sgt. Paul L. Watkins
Staff Sgt. Arcenio Madrid Jr. Staff Sgt. Russell A. Wayne

2 Responses to “2011 Quality of Life & Family Readiness Conference and The National Capitol Reenlistment Ceremony”

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