Sgt. Thomas W. Beeman

Quality of Life & Family Readiness Conference and National Capitol Reenlistment Ceremony

“Citizen-Soldiers are a unique group of people, not only do they hold a job that supports them and their families – they also are willing to dedicate themselves to protect and defend their country. They serve both their local community and the nation as a whole. They are the best of the best.”
Sgt. Thomas W. Beeman


I enlisted into the United States Military on 3 March 2001 and into the Army Reserve 6 Oct 2006. I hold the MOS 92Y, Unit Supply Sergeant, currently assigned to the 113th Medical Detachment, Combat Stress Control, where I provide full-time support to ensure that the unit and soldiers are ready to perform their mission.

I joined the Army Reserve after a two-year break in service from the regular Army, I missed the sense of duty and fulfillment I had when I was serving. Once I came back into the service I requested to go AGR to continue full-time service. Retiring from the Army has been a life long desire of mine ever since my Father retired from Active Duty Service.

To me there is no better job than serving in the Army. It allows me to see parts of the world that most people will never see, interact with a diverse group of people both at work and in different parts of the world.  The soldiers that I serve with are still making a lasting impression on me by allowing me to develop friendships and a bond that will never be broken.

My military awards include the Army Achievement Medal, ARCOM, Expert Rifle, Expert Machine Gun Expert Pistol, Expert Driver, and Order of the Spur, GWOT, Iraq Campaign medal, Afghan Campaign Medal Afghanistan NATO.

I deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan where I was a supply clerk. I assisted in getting the unit supplies and ensuring supplies were issued to the units. I also assisted in setting up and running the mini PX and the unit’s location. What was most memorable was when in 2003 when we rolled into Baghdad, Iraq and the way the little children came running up to the side of the road cheering on our arrival. I observed the way most of the population was encouraged by us for the time.  I was there with 2nd ACR.  Also, watching the nation start the rebuilding effort and watching it grow was a very moving time for me.

I was born at Scott Air Force Base, IL and raised in Fairchild Air Force Base, WA, Aumsville, WA, and Salem, OR.

My hobbies include target shooting, collecting comic books and reading a variety of books.


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