Sgt. Jared M. Burget

SGT Burget, Jared

SGT Burget, Jared

“I have served on active duty and in the National Guard, I came into the Army Reserves to serve with my uncle I love helping others. I love doing my job for my country. I have been able to experience the world because of the Army. Being a Warrior-Citizens means I get to participate in greats things and one side helps me with the other.”

Sgt. Jared M. Burget

I enlisted into the United States Military 4 August 1997 and into the Army Reserve 8 August 2008 with an MOS of 91BH820, Wheel Mechanic/Recovery Operator; and am currently assigned to the 733rd Maintenance Company, located in Canton, IL.

I was deployed as a recovery operator/gunner and able to do my job without any problems.

My military awards include CAB, ARCOM, AAM, Air Force Achievement ribbon, PLDC, NATO, Iraq Campaign, GWOT, Service Medal, NE Nat. Guard Individual Achievement ribbon, overseas service ribbon, good conduct medal, Mechanic badge with driver and track bars and sharpshooter badge with rifle.

I was born in Rushville, IL and raised in Astoria, IL; I graduated from Astoria High School in 1997. Outside of the military, I work in a warehouse as an order selector/forklift operator.

My hobbies are fishing and being outdoors.

SGT Burget with girlfriend Beki Allen

SGT Burget with girlfriend Beki Allen


2 Responses to “Sgt. Jared M. Burget”

  1. joe ireland Says:

    Yo, Joe Ireland here. My old Army roommate. Been trying to locate you off and on for a while.

  2. Megan Allen Says:

    Huh…this guy looks familiar! 🙂 I’m really glad I now you Sgt. Burget! Thanks for everything you’ve done for our country 🙂

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