Sgt. Daisy D. Butay

SGT Daisy Butay and her mother, Dolly, arrived from Maui for the National Capitol Reenlistment Ceremony.

Sergeant Daisy D. Butay and her mother, Dolly, traveled from the island of Maui to attend this year’s National Capital Reenlistment Ceremony.

SGT Butay enlisted in the Army Reserve almost 8 years ago as a 42A. When her unit deactivated three years ago, SGT Butay had to make a choice on reclassifying to a new Military occupational Specialty (MOS). “The options I was given were a plumber, construction or electrician,” she stated. SGT Butay thought electrician sounded the most interesting and attended a two-week training course in North Dakota to become 12R qualified. Her unit, the 871st Engineer Company, will travel to Indonesia for a 14 day training exercise at the end of May.

SGT Butay is currently enrolled at the University of Hawaii West Oahu pursuing a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting.

Her daughters, Lyndsay-5 and Camille-2, are both very proud of their mom. “They think its cool to have a Mom in the Army,” she laughed.

This is the first trip to the nation’s capitol for SGT Butay and her mother. They plan to visit the Holocaust museum and other area monuments.


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