Staff Sgt. Natalie N. Crippen

Dorothy Crippen, mother of Staff Sgt. Crippen, fully supports her daughter's decision to reenlist in the Army Reserve.

After her family was directly affected by the tragic events on September 11, 2001, Staff Sgt. Natalie Crippen joined the Army as a Communication Specialist, 25U.

“We lived in NYC so what happened on 9/11 really affected me,” she stated. “I was mad about the whole situation and felt I had to do something to protect my family and serve my country so I enlisted in the Army.”

Staff Sgt. Crippen has enjoyed the traveling benefits of the Army, visiting the countries of Korea, Japan, Egypt and Iraq. She’s also utilizing her educational benefits by attending college and plans to submit an officer packet once her degree is complete.

Behind every Soldier is a support team encouraging their decisions and commitment to serve. Dorothy, mother of Staff Sgt. Crippen, initially was not excited about her daughter joining the military.

“I had many fears and anxieties when she decided to enlist,” said Dorothy. “But now I support her 100%. I’ve seen her grow as a woman and Soldier. She is my hero and all my fears are gone.”

Along with Dorothy, Staff Sgt. Crippen’s younger brother accompanied them to the nation’s capitol this week. He admires his sister for joining the military.

“She had the courage to enlist and protect our family before I could since she was older,” he said. “I wish I had been old enough after 9/11 to protect our family but I’m thankful my sister stepped up.”

Staff Sgt. Crippen plans to make a career out of the military. She is assigned to B Co, 324th ESB on Fort Gordon, Georgia.


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