Sgt. Angelique R. Cross

SGT Cross, Angelique R.

SGT Cross, Angelique R.

In 2002 I enlisted in the Army Reserve as a 36B, Finance Specialist.  I am  currently assigned to 391st Military Police Battalion out of Cleveland Ohio.  For nine years I have had the honor of being a member of a unit that I love.  

My most memorable experience was my deployment with 391st MP Battalion from 2004-2005.  We replaced the unit involved with the scandal in Abu Gharib, Iraq.  I am a 36B, however, while I was in Iraq, I managed the property room for the detainees, and collected detainee’s property including US

Quality of Life & Family Readiness Conference and National Capitol Reenlistment Ceremony

currency.  We were attacked every day.  Since the deployment, I am not comfortable driving.   This is not something I am comfortable going into detail about, but due to traumatic experiences. 

Although I have had traumatic experiences during my deployment, I love my unit and I love being in the Army Reserve.  When I was asked if there was anything I do not care for or anything that makes my reenlistment decision questionable, nothing came to mind.  My leadership is genuine and they are Soldier oriented.  Furthermore, they are family oriented and care deeply for ALL of their Soldiers.  They take the time to communicate with their Soldiers keeping them informed, but also inquiring about their welfare and quality of life.

I am currently unemployed from my civilian job; however, I am the administrative specialist for my brigade level Best Warrior Competition and the War Fighter Competition.  My unit places me on orders as needed, which helps to supplement my income.

I am a mother of two girls.  Adryauna is three years-old and Janiya is sixteen months-old.  Spending time with my girls is how I prefer to spend my free time.  Otherwise, I enjoy reading true crime and mystery stories.  I absolutely love shopping and shopping for shoes, heels especially, is my passion.

I have not been to Washington, D.C. since I was in 8th grade so I am looking forward to a very memorable week with my mother and fellow Soldiers.


2 Responses to “Sgt. Angelique R. Cross”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    Hey girlie!!! Lookin’ good :o) Great knowing you and we had a good time this past week… We need to do it again! Philly or bust!!!

  2. SFC Hobbs Says:

    Congratulations SGT Cross. I hope you had a great experience at the NCRC in Washington D.C.

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