Private 1st Class Antonio T. Davis

PFC Davis, Antonio T.

PFC Davis, Antonio T.

Why I stay Army Reserve

I am Private First Class Antonio T. Davis and the reason that I have stayed in the Army Reserve is because it is the best thing for me and my family, I have two children and we live in North Carolina .  I also enjoy serving my country.


19 Responses to “Private 1st Class Antonio T. Davis”

  1. ralisha Says:

    I’m up sitting here missing u. I just miss u so much tee, I have come to the conclusion after almost 3 years that no one will ever touch my heart the way you did. No one. It’s so hard for me to move on and truly be happy bc i know no one can fill your place, ever. I miss u so much tee, damn I hate this ever happened to u. You of all ppl, why lord, why. Honestly, I hated faith and god for awhile bc l couldn’t understand why he forever make me a single mom with my child fatherless. She never got to the opportunity to be a daddies girl, she was robbed of that. Lile so precious, why would god deprive her of that. But one day I will forgive god and won’t question his choices but right now I just can’t. I’m stubborn and truly hurt. I just miss u and I’m still in love with you til this day. Some days I just stare off into nothing to just have my moments with you spiritually. Love u tee forever your old lady, ralisha

    • aplus0 Says:

      God is waiting patiently with open arms when your ready. Know that God and the scripture is the only remedy to heal any pain, anger, sorrow, loneliness and any other negative feeling you have after your devastating loss. God bless you and yours.

    • Markia D. Says:

      Please believe that just because God do not stop the bad things from happening, don’t mean he made them happen. I understand why you are mad but you are mad at the wrong one.. The devil is real and you are allowing him to control your life, you doing what he want you too.. He love it when you are mad at God and not him for his work.. Think about what kind of life you and baby girl are going to have if you continue to hate God for the devil’s work.. Why not hate the devil, why let him get off the hook.. He did this.
      You might want to think twice about who you blaming.

  2. Nachelle Says:

    Hey battle, hey friend. I miss you dearly. It seems like just yesterday I was trying to beat you on the pool table or at dominoes. I will always cherish the good times we shared. I know your in a better place but the selfish side of me still wishes you were here. I continually pray for your children and loved ones. Forever in my heart you will be. I miss you, RIP.

  3. Nachelle Says:

    I saw you in my dreams last night with that oh so infectious smile. You were so special to me, to all those that knew you. There was a special energy around you that even when I first met you, I knew you were truly one of a kind. I still hurt from the pain of you having to leave this earth so soon but, I thank God for blessing me with the time I had with you. I pray for your family and loved ones, that they are comforted. The great memories of you I will forever cherish, I miss and love you my friend.

    • Jacqueline M Davis. Says:

      Hello Nachelle, thank you for the kind words you said about my son, if you need to talk with me please find me on fb.. i still think of him everyday, and it hurt so bad, sometimes it is hard for me to move on knowing that my son is not here, but I know the good lord is taking care of him now, I just have to keep that in my spirit and stay strong for Terrell younger brothers.

      Again, Thank you,
      Jacqueline McCallum Davis

  4. Jacquie Davis Says:

    i miss you dearly son. i think of you daily and it still doesn’t seem real. I pray for God to give me strength each day, your great memories will always remain, your presents will be missed a great much. Love you Son. Antonio Terrell Davis.


  5. Ralisha Joel Says:

    I love u Terrell, well Tee was what i called u. You will truly be missed by me, your old lady, best friend, lover, soul mate, mother of your youngest daughter and right and left hand. Your daughter and I truly love and miss u baby. Words cant express the pain i feel but justice shall prevail. I love you with all my heart. From your family, friends, and children. You’ll always have a place in my heart, im just so upset u only got to spend four years with me and only three months with your daughter. love u dearly. I will still be celebrate our four year anniversary of knowing each other on your birthday and u know we will celebrate your life at the end of the month like how u would want us to. I love u

  6. Nnonie Says:

    RIP my dear cousin. Life will never be the same without you…NEVER. By Gods grace, we as a family will all be healed. I love you Terrell!

  7. Nachelle Says:

    320th Will never be the same without you. RIP Terrell. I love you.

  8. khalil whitaker Says:

    RIP bro you’ll always be missed.

  9. LaToya Jefferson Says:

    Rip you will truly be missed…

  10. michael mabry Says:

    You was like one of my kids,always getting on you about shaving and your profile,talking about the Cowboys,playing dominos and spades. I”m going to miss all of that. It’s not going to be the same without you. When we are in formation I will always look to my right to see if you are there. Miss you bro!

  11. Jonathan Henry Says:

    You will never be forgotten………rest in peace my battle…my friend.

  12. Ryan Hadden Says:

    You were my best friend and I will always cherish the time we spent together. Its going to be hard for me to make it through drill especially ECT. I miss you. Ryan Hadden

  13. Julie Pirtle Says:

    RIP Antonio. Your 7th grade teacher loves you very much.

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