Sgt. Fernando Franco

SGT Fernando Franco is a Military Policeman (31B) with the 3/363rd TSBN running MP lanes training at MOB sites. He has been with the unit two years.

Initially enlisting as an MP with the 314th MP Company in Irvine, CA for 8 years, SGT Franco deployed twice with 314th with the last to Iraq. Both deployments went well but put a toll on family life and SGT Franco took a 4-year break in service, returning in 2009 “because I missed the military and wanted to finish 20 year retirement.”

As a civilian career, SGT Franco serves a State Parole Agent. Prior to that he worked for the Federal Bureau of Prison as a Vocation Rehab Instructor. He notes that the 3/363rd is a great unit with a good mission. He is considering using his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management to attend OCS and become commissioned, branching MP and continuing with his current unit.

SGT Franco is joined by his son, Christian.


2 Responses to “Sgt. Fernando Franco”

  1. susan Says:

    Oh I see Jeffery has a new name

  2. SFC Rosado Says:

    Congratulations Sgt Franco job well done

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