Staff Sgt. Christy R. Gipson

"I receive tremendous support from my entire family on my choice to stay in the Army Reserve," said Staff Sgt. Christy Gipson.

What we want out of life is not always what we get. In 2004, Staff Sgt. Christy Gipson enlisted into the Army on active duty. After a few years of a less than positive experience, she decided not to reenlist.

“About six months to a year before my ETS I finally had some positive leaders that really made me enjoy the Army,” she said. “They still couldn’t convince me to stay on active duty but encouraged me to join the Army Reserve.”

Now she is a Drill Sergeant with the 1st 354th, Drill Sgt Unit, 95th Division at Fort Smith, Arkansas and loves her job.

“The opportunity to serve my country and the benefits from the Army Reserve is what promoted me to reenlist,” Staff Sgt. Gipson noted. “I now have a full-time job because of the Army Reserve and am attending college using my education benefits.”

Staff Sgt. Gipson’s husband is a supporting element to her career. Michael, and their daughter Ashley, are proud of the accomplishments and commitment Staff Sgt. Gipson has made as an Army Reserve Soldier.


5 Responses to “Staff Sgt. Christy R. Gipson”

  1. maria routt Says:

    you are amazing and stan is super proud of you!!! We hope to see you this summer!! Way to go!!!!

  2. Chantelle Says:

    My goodness!!! Good job lady!! I miss you so much, but am super proud of you!

  3. Donna Karl Says:

    Way to go Christy!!!!…… Soooo proud of you..We miss you so much….Hopefully we can come visit later this year …

  4. mary elmore Says:

    We are so proud of you! What a great honor. Love you very much, Mom & Dad

  5. Michelle Nuzum Says:

    So proud of you Christy. You committ to something and make it work. Love you lots.

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