Spc. Shanquela K. Jordan

Sergeant Jordan is supported by her husband, Eddy on her commitment to the Army Reserve.

Why I Stay Army Reserve

“I wanted to join a force that was bigger than me. I wanted to stand for more than just me. I wanted my family and friends to look at me in a different way. I wanted to be a role model for smaller children to show them different paths that they can take. Being a soldier is an amazing feeling, I am a part of a force that is unique and positive. Being a soldier, has made
me appreciative of the small things in life. I am a better person today, because, I chose to become a soldier 5 years ago.”

Spc. Shanquela K. Jordan

I enlisted into the United States Military 10 May 2005, as 92F, Petroleum Supply Specialist. Currently assigned to the 173rd Quartermaster Company. My unit primary assignment is to run all fuel operations effectively.

I was born in Jackson, MS. I was raised in Clarksdale, MS. Outside of the Army Reserve I work for Tower Loan of Southwest Jackson, where I lend and collect money as well as go to courts to represent the company.

My hobbies are singing, reading, shopping, and getting together with family and friends


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