Staff Sgt. Kenneth M. Nisson

SSG Nisson, Kenneth

SSG Nisson, Kenneth

Why I Stay Army Reserve

“I have chosen to continue to serve my country because I can’t picture myself without the Army Reserve. The Army Reserve has been very good to me, and I enjoy being a noncommissioned officer.


I love being a soldier because it gives me a sense of accomplishment that I have been unable to find anywhere else. I love mentoring soldiers and watching them grow into fellow noncommissioned officers.

I would recommend that soldiers stay in the military because of the things they can see and do and the opportunities that are available to services members that regular citizens miss out on.”

Staff Sgt. Kenneth M. Nisson


I enlisted into the United States Military 11 May 2000, as a 92F, Petroleum Supply Specialist and am currently assigned to the 1016th Quartermaster Company located in Pocatello, ID. As a Petroleum Supply Specialist, I receive and store bulk petroleum products; Schedule and dispatch petroleum and water products through pipelines and other distribution facilities or equipment; Initiates and supervises environmental protection activities and contingency plans; Review, consolidate, and prepare technical, personnel, and administrative reports associated with petroleum activities in the unit.

I deployed to Iraq, where I was responsible for a multitude of duties. We spent a lot of time distributing fuel but also spent a lot of time running base security, gun truck mission and troop transport missions. My most memorable event during my deployment to Iraq is helping the Iraqi children. I found that helping the kids made my heart sore with pride for my country and for the things that we were doing to liberate the Iraqi people. Also, the Iraqi people that I had the opportunity to associate with were very good people. Although we had a language barrier to deal with we were able to communicate to some degree. Most of the Iraqi people that I dealt with were kind, and carrying people.

My military awards include: Combat Action Badge, Armed Forces Reserve Medal with “M” device, Army Achievement Medal (2nd Award), Overseas Service Ribbon, Iraqi Campaign Medal, Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal, Armed Forces Reserve Medal, NCO Professional Development Ribbon, Meritorious Unit Commendation, and Army Service Ribbon.

On the civilian side, I am a United States Army Reserve Unit Administrator, serving as the principal administrative assistant to the USAR Unit Commander in accomplishing the overall functions of the unit. I assist the Commander in exercising the functions of command. Accomplishing the Commanders normal duties in areas, which may include individual and unit training, administration, transportation, recruiting/retention, inspections, and liaison with higher headquarters and other units.

My hobbies; being outdoors; hunting, fishing, hiking, camping.


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